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The Kings big man doesn't want a chance of getting suspended again. DeMarcus Cousins has a bit of a reputation as a hothead, and at times he's deserved it.  Cousins has led the league in technical fouls in both of the last two seasons and...

WE'RE BACK!!!! The post Morning Coffee – Tue, Sep 30 appeared first on Raptors Republic: ESPN TrueHoop Network Blog.

My alternate analogy for Trader Dan’s latest machinations was Rumpelstiltskin and while Ainge has not spun...

Bulls brass faced the media on Monday to open training camp, and there was some...well, Bulls stuff. Gar up here spitting some truths. Just kidding. Usual media day pablum. — jon greenberg (@jon_greenberg) September 29, 2014

tweets...with photos! There's much-needed context provided...right? In case you missed it... The stage is set for #BullsMediaDay at the new Advocate Center — Chicago Bu...

How do the Kings stack up according to the folks at 2k Sports? The NBA 2k series has become the unquestioned industry leader in NBA video games.  Each year, the big question is how the teams will stack up, and how your favorite players wi...

Oh shining light, oh mighty Jonas, he who will deliver us from evil. Worship his name. The post Player Preview: Jonas Valanciunas appeared first on Raptors Republic: ESPN TrueHoop Network Blog.

- Byron Scott discusses Lakers defensive philosophies (from Drew Garrison, ” New Los Angeles Lakers head coach Byron Scott opened up about how he’ll coach the Lakers’ defense, and detailed his philosoph...

Drummond has one thing on his mind -- leadership. Andre Drummond is ready to take ownership of the Detroit Pistons. No matter what the question asked of him during Pistons media day ...

Another Media Day is in the books.  Tomorrow the players will b...

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Random Thoughts About the First Practice - We're Talking About Practice!
 Perhaps Allen Ive...

K.J. McDaniels: Holding Out Of Camp
K.J. McDaniels: McDaniels was absent from the first day of training camp Tuesday because "his contract hasn't been executed," The Intelligencer's Tom Moore reports. Visit for more analysis on this update.

Golden State of Mindcast: 2014 Mini Season Pre-Preview
Ladies and gentlemen: we're now a month away from the 2014 season. If you've been slacking on your Warriors and NBA obsession this summer, it's time to get back down into that rabbit hole, and make your browser window all small in the co...

DeMarcus Cousins sets a goal of only 5 technicals for the season
The Kings big man doesn't want a chance of getting suspended again. DeMarcus Cousins has a bit of a reputation as a hothead, and at times he's deserved it.  Cousins has led the league in technical fouls in both of the last two seasons and...

Training Camp Day 1: Live stream interviews with Steve Kerr and Andrew Bogut
h2.m-entry__title { font-size:20px; font-family:Arial,Helvetica,sans-serif; color:rgb(0,0,0); } img.vox-lazy-load { display:none; } div.m-entry__photo__caption { display:none; } div.m-entry__upper-social { display:none; } div.m-breaker-nex...

Stan Van Gundy's big problem
While getting everyone to buy into the game plan will be difficult, how he handles his three big men is priority No. 1 in training camp. Stan Van Gundy has a big problem. No, I mean he literally has a big problem, as in he has three big m...

Greg Monroe and the Pistons have something to prove to each other
Monroe wouldn't commit to the team because of "things," while the Pistons have 82 games to decide if a pairing of Monroe and Andre Drummond even makes sense. Whatever went wrong last year, Greg Monroe isn't willing to throw anyone under ...

Ricky and Jay talk Bulls Media Day
Ricky was at Bulls Media Day, and he talks with Jay about that and other Bulls happenings.

- Byron Scott discusses Lakers defensive philosophies (from Drew Garrison, ” New Los Angeles Lakers head coach Byron Scott opened up about how he’ll coach the Lakers’ defense, and detailed his philosoph...

Fiddlin' and Diddlin' Celtics Daily Links 9/30/14

30Q: What will it take for this Kings season to be considered a success?
We end our 2014 30Q series with a roundtable discussion on the success of the upcoming season. We round out our 30Q series today by taking a look at the upcoming season and trying to figure out just how to determine if it will be successfu...

Nate Robinson: (Knee) Still Not Cleared For 5-on-5
Nate Robinson: Robinson (knee) is yet to be cleared for 5-on-5 action, the Denver Post reports. Visit for more analysis on this update.

Timofey Mozgov: Will Compete With McGee For Starting Job
Timofey Mozgov: Mozgov will compete with JaVale McGee for the starting center spot, the Denver Post's Chris Dempsey reports. Visit for more analysis on this update.

Random Thoughts on Media Day
Another Media Day is in the books.  Tomorrow the players will b...

Sacramento Kings NBA 2K15 ratings revealed
How do the Kings stack up according to the folks at 2k Sports? The NBA 2k series has become the unquestioned industry leader in NBA video games.  Each year, the big question is how the teams will stack up, and how your favorite players wi...

Andre Drummond: This is 'absolutely' my team
Drummond has one thing on his mind -- leadership. Andre Drummond is ready to take ownership of the Detroit Pistons. No matter what the question asked of him during Pistons media day ...

Player Preview: Jonas Valanciunas
Oh shining light, oh mighty Jonas, he who will deliver us from evil. Worship his name. The post Player Preview: Jonas Valanciunas appeared first on Raptors Republic: ESPN TrueHoop Network Blog.

Chicago Bulls media day in photos
tweets...with photos! There's much-needed context provided...right? In case you missed it... The stage is set for #BullsMediaDay at the new Advocate Center — Chicago Bu...

Chicago Bulls rotation: will Thibodeau play McDermott and Mirotic?
Bulls brass faced the media on Monday to open training camp, and there was some...well, Bulls stuff. Gar up here spitting some truths. Just kidding. Usual media day pablum. — jon greenberg (@jon_greenberg) September 29, 2014

Morning Coffee – Tue, Sep 30
WE'RE BACK!!!! The post Morning Coffee – Tue, Sep 30 appeared first on Raptors Republic: ESPN TrueHoop Network Blog.

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Les formulaires doivent être numérotées consécutivement, en commençant par, sur Janvier de chaque année, chaque levitra achat en ligne double étant donné le même numéro que l'original correspondant, si ce n'est que dans les cas où, comme il est prévu ci-après, les formes sont exécutées par la personne qui reçoit le tabac au lieu de l'expédition de personne ou de les livrer voir section d, e et f du présent article, le numéro de série doivent être omis. *!**!* Considérons, par exemple, un timide et socialement retirée jeune homme. Comme le thérapeute écoute le ventiler ses sentiments, il découvre certains, processus de pensée, presque fantastiques bizarres qui ressemblent à ceux des psychotiques. Il en déduit également que le patient réprime pulsions homosexuelles. Face à ces résultats, il peut craindre propecia meilleur prix forum sur le viagra levitra générique pharmacie que la psychothérapie intensive se traduirait par une psychose ouvert. 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