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Butler bet on himself this summer, and it's paying off in a big way. The Chicago Bulls will have multiple All-Stars for the third time in the last four years. Jimmy Butler has been tabbed as a reserve for the Eastern Conference after Pau G...

the 'whispers' never end, and that's kind of the point During the Bulls January slide, the always-looming discussion of Tom Thibodeau's relationship with management has bubbled back up to the surface. Thus far it's been pretty exclusively ...

Raptors Trump Kings | Terrence Ross to the bench, but not out | Creeping on Amir's private life The post Morning Coffee – Thu, Jan 29 appeared first on Raptors Republic: ESPN TrueHoop Network Blog.

Catch up on the Good, the Bad and the Ugly of a lull in the Golden State Warriors schedule. Even when the games aren't being played, plenty is happening for the team by the Bay. The Bad News So the moral of the story is that Charles Barkle...

3-point shooting, team ball, solid defense and a poutier-than-usual Boogie culminates in easy Raptors victory. Game Recap Preview | Quick Reaction | Highlights Well, that was fun. The Toronto Raptors easily handled the Sacramento Kings ...

As the Golden State Warriors head into the All-Star break, we take a second to look through the Western Conference standings to enjoy being at the top and to consider the road ahead. As we quickly approach the All Star Break - and for ...

Take a peek behind the curtain, as Open Gym goes behind the scenes at a Raptors practice. The post Raptors Open Gym: The Lost Tapes 2 appeared first on Raptors Republic: ESPN TrueHoop Network Blog.


Losing to the 7 win Timberwolves definitely wasn't a good end to the trip,  but regardles...

Zaza Pachulia: Pachulia (calf) is considered questionable to play Thursday against the Magic, CF Gardner of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reports. Visit for more analysis on this update.

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Is Kobe Bryant Retiring? Lakers GM Doesn’t Think So
Is Kobe Bryant retiring in the offseason? ESPN reports Los Angeles Lakers GM Mitch Kupchak doesn’t seem to think so. Kupchak said he fully expects Bryant to return next season despite having his season ending due to shoulder surgery this we...

Kyrie Irving Chosen To Be Reserve In NBA All-Star Game
Chris Haynes of reports, Kyrie Irving of the Cleveland Cavaliers was voted in by the Eastern Conference as a reserve in the 2015 NBA All-Star Game. Unfortunately, center Kevin Love didn’t make the cut. This will be the NBA gua...

Matt Barnes Fined $25k For Inappropriate Language
As reported by Brett Pollakoff of NBC Sports, Matt Barnes of the Los Angeles Clippers has been fined $25,000 by the NBA for using inappropriate language towards a fan. This is the second time the 34-year-old was fined this season. Last December h...

Klay Thompson's shooting prowess rewarded with NBA All-Star selection
Klay Thompson will join Warriors guard Stephen Curry and suit up for the Western Conference All-Stars at the 2015 NBA All-Star Game in New York. The Warriors will also be well-represented in the Three-Point Shootout as Klay and Steph are s...

DeMarcus Cousins snubbed of spot in All-Star Game
In a season full of downers for Kings fans, the announcement of the 2015 All-Star reserves was yet another one as star center De...

Mason Plumlee: (Personal) Expects to Play After Missing Practice
Mason Plumlee: Plumlee missed practice for personal reasons but is expected to play Friday against the Raptors, Fred Kerber of the New York Post reports. Visit for more analysis on this update.

Cole Aldrich: (Leg) Out Thursday
Cole Aldrich: Aldrich (leg) will not play Thursday against the Pacers. Visit for more analysis on this update.

Jimmy Butler selected to the All-Star Game
Butler bet on himself this summer, and it's paying off in a big way. The Chicago Bulls will have multiple All-Stars for the third time in the last four years. Jimmy Butler has been tabbed as a reserve for the Eastern Conference after Pau G...

The 2015 NBA Standings Report: Halfway Home
As the Golden State Warriors head into the All-Star break, we take a second to look through the Western Conference standings to enjoy being at the top and to consider the road ahead. As we quickly approach the All Star Break - and for ...

Raptors Open Gym: The Lost Tapes 2
Take a peek behind the curtain, as Open Gym goes behind the scenes at a Raptors practice. The post Raptors Open Gym: The Lost Tapes 2 appeared first on Raptors Republic: ESPN TrueHoop Network Blog.

Comments from the Other Side - Timberwolves 1/27/15
Losing to the 7 win Timberwolves definitely wasn't a good end to the trip,  but regardles...

Fiddlin' and Diddlin' Celtics Daily Links 1/29/15

Zaza Pachulia: (Calf) Questionable Thursday
Zaza Pachulia: Pachulia (calf) is considered questionable to play Thursday against the Magic, CF Gardner of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reports. Visit for more analysis on this update.

report: Tom Thibodeau's relationship with Bulls 'beyond repair' (though not for this year)
the 'whispers' never end, and that's kind of the point During the Bulls January slide, the always-looming discussion of Tom Thibodeau's relationship with management has bubbled back up to the surface. Thus far it's been pretty exclusively ...

Pistons vs. 76ers final score: 'Embarrassing' 89-69 loss in Philly
Embarrassing. Here's what Stan Van Gundy said about the Philadelphia 76ers in March last year at 

NBA Trade Rumors: 'Exploratory' trade talks stalling due to other teams' demands
Adding depth to the PG position is seeming to be harder than expected. Although the Pistons have been linked to New York's Pablo Prigioni, Miami's Norris Cole and the D-League's Lorenzo Brown (who just signed wit...

Raptors piece together solid two-way effort, easily handle moody Kings
3-point shooting, team ball, solid defense and a poutier-than-usual Boogie culminates in easy Raptors victory. Game Recap Preview | Quick Reaction | Highlights Well, that was fun. The Toronto Raptors easily handled the Sacramento Kings ...

Morning Coffee – Thu, Jan 29
Raptors Trump Kings | Terrence Ross to the bench, but not out | Creeping on Amir's private life The post Morning Coffee – Thu, Jan 29 appeared first on Raptors Republic: ESPN TrueHoop Network Blog.

The off-night report: Charles Barkley's wisdom, the front court and the 'turrible' Depth Monster
Catch up on the Good, the Bad and the Ugly of a lull in the Golden State Warriors schedule. Even when the games aren't being played, plenty is happening for the team by the Bay. The Bad News So the moral of the story is that Charles Barkle...

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